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Welcome from the Board Chair + President

It is not enough to say that 2015 was a year of transformation. If CHHSM has indeed transformed itself, the proof will be evident in what our membership, those they serve, and the wider Church see in the year ahead. This Annual Report will take a look back at where we have been but will also focus on where we are going as a faith-based ministry.


We worked with 25 members and our Board to create a revised Value Proposition for membership that defines the manner in which we can best continue to connect our members to each other, money-saving services and the wider Church.


Revisions to our staffing model have enhanced the team’s ability to be present where our members are meeting, to offer leadership formation where possible and to expand our outreach in offering products and services that may create more money for ministry.


Our commitment to the faithful stewardship of the resources with which we have been entrusted has proven effective, as we just concluded an outstanding year of financial performance. We have streamlined our operating base and reduced expenses in the national office and increasingly rely on technology and outsourced services.


As the Nollau Institute moves into a new iteration and the Rev. Jerry W. Paul CHHSM Scholar program takes a more formalized and integrated approach, our Leadership Formation work promises to launch the next generation of faith-based servant leaders.


Governance changes implemented by the Board of Directors have created a Finance Committee to oversee monthly and annual reporting, audit process  management, development and approval of the 990 form and oversight of cash management and investments.  This new committee will assume some of the responsibilities that were held by the Executive Committee.  The other standing committees will have more time to dedicate to nominations, governance and program planning. The Board is engaged, energized and dedicated to all of the principles of sound governance leadership.


New Strategic Initiatives were explored at the November 2015 Board Meeting to lead and direct CHHSM in an appreciative manner. These initiatives will unfold in the months and years ahead. The Board is committed to reviewing these and other ideas on an annual basis as we move into a rolling 12-month strategic plan format that replaces a more standard 3 to 5 year plan.


Stay tuned for continued updates on our work in support of our membership as we deliver on our promise to sustain and advance the healing ministry of the United Church of Christ. This is truly a faith-based, passion-driven movement that all of us can be proud of!

Michael J. Readinger

President + Chief Executive Officer

Rev. Bonnie Condon

Board Chair

Mission + Vision


The mission of the Council for Health and Human Service Ministries is to sustain and advance the work of healing and service as a ministry of the church of Jesus Christ embodied in its member ministries, the United Church of Christ and the church universal.

Vision Statement:

CHHSM envisions itself as an organization that provides leadership for its own member ministries, the UCC and the interfaith community of health and human service ministries that, together, we may:


  • Live out our understanding of human service as an enterprise grounded in faith-bound compassion;
  • Advocate boldly and effectively in the public arena for the right of all to have access to a high quality standard of health and human services;
  • Promote a comprehensive view of health which includes all dimensions of the lives of persons and communities;
  • Uplift and celebrate the values of faithful servanthood and stewardship at the core of health and human service ministry.
  • The Council’s vision is rooted in the vision of the UCC, "that they may all be one." In pursuit of this vision, the Council commits itself to transcending sectarian and competitive forces which divide both faith communities and the health and human service ministries which they sponsor.

CHHSM Board, Staff and Membership Define Value Proposition

Bold vision. Inspired leaders. Shared values. According to the membership value proposition defined between 2015 and 2016, these six words are how members see CHHSM fulfilling its mission of advancing and sustaining the work of healing and service as a ministry of the Church. Board and staff collaborated with membership to create this value proposition through conversations, many of which occurred during affinity group gatherings and at the annual meeting.


Bold vision is the prophetic voice of member ministries as they live out the core values of the UCC and their commitments to social action. Inspired leaders continuously transform themselves and the way they listen, learn, share best practices and act as servant leaders. Shared values are essential elements of our common faith-based heritage and explain why we continue to operate as mission-driven ministries in this increasingly secular society.


a vision of care for all people.

Change Lives

through faith based leadership

development, collaboration and business partnerships.

Inspire and Support

one another to address shared challenges.

CHHSM Joins Other UCC Settings of Offering Support for Our Church’s Wider Mission

Breaking from tradition, CHHSM, which does not receive any funding from the denomination’s shared funding pool known as Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM), decided to contribute to it instead. With an initial donation of $1,000 in 2016, CHHSM is now supporting the UCC’s connectional ministries at the conference, national and global settings of the Church. While CHHSM hopes to increase its support in coming years, board leadership said CHHSM’s participation in OCWM is an important sign of the association’s commitment to the well-being of the wider Church. Read more >>

United Church of Christ Ranks High Among Faith-Based Providers of Nation’s Senior Housing

The United Church of Christ, despite being a relatively small Christian denomination, ranks sixth out of 18 U.S. faith traditions for the number of residences provided to older adults by church-related health and human service institutions, according to an analysis released in August 2016 by Ziegler, a major Chicago investment firm that specializes in health care. “If we’re able to serve the least among us, it’s only natural that we would become known for our level of service for all people,” said CHHSM Board Member Denise Rabidoux, president and CEO of UCC-related EHM Senior Solutions, based in Ann Arbor, Mich. Read more >>

CHHSM’s Consultants Network Provides Resources to Members

When leaders of CHHSM-member ministry Consecra Housing Services knew their organization faced a challenge, it also understood where it could turn for help. Enter the CHHSM Consultants Network, a new initiative launched in late 2015 aimed at providing a variety of professional services to support member ministries with expertise in everything from marketing and management to strategic planning and governance. With too many people having a fuzzy idea about its focus and mission, Consecra looked to CHHSM for guidance and ended up choosing a CHHSM consultant to lead a rebranding effort. “Having someone who truly understands faith-based nonprofits is a real find,” said Susan Sinderson, Consecra’s executive vice president. Read more >>

CHHSM Declares Itself Open and Affirming

The CHHSM Board of Directors voted unanimously on June 9, 2015, to become an open and affirming ministry of the United Church of Christ. "A move from employment-based policies of non-discrimination to full acceptance, affirmation and culture change is an important and powerful statement," said CHHSM President and CEO Michael J. Readinger. "We spent many months discussing what it means to be open and affirming with our members in one-on-one discussions and in articles in our Diakonie newsletter," Readinger reported at the 2015 Annual Meeting. "Our members are very enthusiastic and supportive of this decision. Fair and just employment policies are a foundation of all our members, and we are proud of that." Read more >>

Annual Meeting Focuses on Sustainability, Social Action

At the 2016 Annual Meeting, participants received equal doses of the practical and the inspirational. Amy Hayman, a senior banker at Chicago’s Cain Brothers, discussed strategic planning for organizational sustainability amid change, and the Rev. Bernice Powell Jackson, pastor of First United Church of Tampa, delivered an address on the biblical underpinnings of faith-based organizations. The CHHSM family also welcomed its newest member, Archway Housing and Services, a Denver-based provider of community housing and family services throughout the Denver metro area. Archway Executive Director Joyce Alms-Ransford said her eyes were opened at the meeting. “After attending, I felt that there was a bigger purpose, which was to connect with the other CHHSM members to see where we could learn from each other and become supported by each other,” she said. Read more >>

Faith Heritage Unites CHHSM Ministries

Staff of multiple CHHSM-member ministries in the UCC’s Missouri/Mid-South and Illinois South Conferences met in January 2015, breaking down into affinity groups to discuss best practices in the fields of finances, human resources, fund development, programming and spiritual care. A CHHSM ministry executive facilitated each group. “This is an opportunity for us to have staff in different departments meet and talk about common issues, and ways to support and resource each other,” says the Rev. Cindy Bumb, vice president of spiritual care at Emmaus, a St. Charles-based organization that serves individuals with developmental disabilities. “There’s a real sense of being in the mission of the UCC together, and when we go to the CHHSM meeting, we already know people.” Read more >>

1,687 Page Likes

488 Group Members

136 Page Posts


Social Media: By the Numbers

Social media provides a powerful way to reach CHHSM's diverse audiences. CHHSM's Twitter account has 7,174 followers and our robust member-exchange Facebook group has 488 members. In April 2016, CHHSM expanded its commitment to reaching new audiences by launching a new public Facebook page. The page already has accumulated more than 1,600 likes and offers an expanded platform for sharing the valuable stories of member ministries.

CHHSM Legacy Fund Sustains Mission into the Future

For the first time in its history, CHHSM launched a fundraising campaign in 2012 as part of its 75th Anniversary Celebration. The CHHSM Board of Directors, staff and anniversary committee surpassed their goal of raising $300,000 to create The CHHSM Legacy Fund to provide valuable resources needed to sustain CHHSM’s mission.


Since 2013, CHHSM has been utilizing these funds to train individuals, governance boards and member ministries in leadership formation strategies and techniques that will last a lifetime. The CHHSM Board of Directors allocates these resources to meet the need where it is greatest and where they will have the most impact.


CHHSM supports its stewardship of the future with faith-grounded continuing education for middle and senior-level management, governance development and consultation programs, and supervised mentoring and internship opportunities for graduate students pursuing a vocation in health and human service ministry. The purpose of the Legacy Fund is to expand CHHSM’s capacity to grow this crucial work by assuring access to our leadership formation programs for all–regardless of financial ability.


Currently, CHHSM’s core leadership formation initiatives include the Nollau Institute, Vocation of the Trustee, The Rev. Jerry W. Paul CHHSM Scholar Program and consultation services that utilize asset-based assessment and appreciative practices.


As of Sept. 30, 2016, the Legacy Fund has issued scholarships, funded consultations and supported leadership formation in the amount of $73,000. Due to the generosity of the CHHSM family, we anticipate more than 10 more years of providing these resources to CHHSM’s leadership formation activities within the wider church. Read more >>


Nollau alumni report they find the experience useful and enlightening. CHHSM remains committed to growing and offering the program for many more years.

Nollau Leadership Institute Continues Legacy of Leadership Development

20 years ago, CHHSM launched an ambitious plan to offer a leadership development program for our members and the wider Church. The resulting Nollau Leadership Institute aims to provide content that is  meaningful and useful to participants, as well as to offer a means of developing a professional network that will have lasting effects.

Supplementing the Nollau curriculum in 2016, participants created hour-long workshops for leadership topics in which they were interested and conducted them with attendees of the Annual Meeting. These workshops were the highlight of the Annual Meeting for many attendees and will be offered again in 2017.

Participation remains steady with each class consisting of 15 to 18 students. Increasing participation remains a goal; however, there is a concerted effort to maintain an intimate and individual experience for attendees. There is consistently at least one participant from the national setting of the United Church of Christ. Recently, local church clergy participated as well. CHHSM offers tuition scholarships from the Legacy Fund to members who wish to send an individual but find the program cost-prohibitive. Read more >>

2015 Social Accountability Report: Building Bridges

At CHHSM, we look at social accountability as part of our mission and as a means of engaging with the wider Church. We seek to build bridges with our members, our partners, our constituents and all those we encounter in our passion-driven ministry of health and human services. We accomplish this through volunteerism; through pro bono consultations by CHHSM staff and board; through contributions, donations and scholarships; and by using capital resources to support our member ministries. CHHSM's social accountability impact as an organization is quantified in dollars but our collective engagement with the wider Church is measured in a more meaningful way: building bridges to local Churches, Associations, Conferences, the National setting of the UCC and all of our ministry partners.

Social Accountability Impact


Engaging Our People

CHHSM Board and Staff are actively supporting other ministries across the nation with their time, talents and treasures.


Engaging through Financial Support

CHHSM remains blessed with the opportunity to share financial resources through the Legacy Fund in support of the Rev. Jerry W. Paul CHHSM Scholar program, the Nollau Institute, Our Church’s Wider Mission and several other worthy causes. We honor our legacy leaders with memorial gifts to a variety of charitable organizations.


Engaging with Our Expertise

CHHSM Board and Staff regularly provide complimentary consultations to other member ministries, their peer organizations and all settings of the wider Church.


Membership Report + Service Statistics

Each year, we catalog the abundance of resources that CHHSM’s 70 corporate members hold as they do the healing and service ministry of Jesus Christ through 392 facilities and programs affiliated with the UCC.

In 2015, Member Ministries:

Provided $728 million in uncompensated, charitable care

Operated facilities with 9,309 beds providing acute and skilled nursing care

Operated 2,906 assisted-living units for the elderly and people with disabilities

Housed 21,001 people in subsidized and market rate independent living units

Provided community-based ambulatory health care to 5.3 million people

Cared for 1,522 children in residential treatment facilities

Provided non-residential services to 13,036 children, youth and families

Provided adoption and foster care placements for 973 children

Provided services to 398 people with developmental disabilities

to the Aging

318 Members

to Children, Youth and Families

44 Members

Primary + Acute Healthcare

16 Members

Services to
Persons with Disabilities

13 Members


1 Member

Board of Directors  Leadership

Bonnie Condon

Ken Daniel

Christopher Cox

Denise Rabidoux

Darlene Sowell


Board Chair

Vice Chair

Chair, Governance + Member Engagement

Chair, Nominating Committee

Chair, Program, Planning + Evaluation

Elected Members

Cindy Clark

Kyle Zanker

Laverne Joseph

Markham French

Renita White

Appointed Members

Shari Prestemon

Megan Hoxhalli

Monica Wedlock Kilpatrick Kimberly Whitney


Abby Drane

Ann Kiernozek

Cheryl Howell

David Carroll

Meggan Kerber

Michael Brennan


Rion Safier

Shelia Guillaume Stephanie Franklin Susan Sinderson Tara Bethell


Michael J. Readinger

President +
Chief Executive Officer

Rev. J. Bennett Guess

Vice President

Rev. Danielle Bartz

Associate for Program + Leadership Development

Catherine Kane

Associate for Business

Amber Gray

Administrative Assistant for
Business Operations

2015 Revenue by Category

Current Year Dues:  $686,287

Annual Meeting: 

Program Revenue: 

Non-Operating Revenue:  ($5,866)


2015 Expenses by Category

Miscellaneous Expenses: $21,457

Annual Meeting: $ 39,927

Contractual Fees: $46,784

Financial Services: $ 35,919

Staff, Board of Directors Meeting + Travel: $60,599

Marketing + Communication: $ 40,170

Office Maintenance: $42,420

Wages + Benefits: $356,808

Total Revenue:  $763,151

Operating Surplus:  $119,067

Total Expenses:  $644,084

* This Annual Report captures data and stories through Sept. 30, 2016.


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